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A Field Guide to Speech Acting

Four days past her deadline she assessed the footage. A resigned disgust.

“Okay. Is there at least one who manages?”

A maquette. Pre-future.

All we have to do is learn how to say the inside of words. It will be a forensic turn.

A way of being in which speech is slowed down.
Intent will get gracious and drive, crude.

Curves and crosses of every letter are described through speech.

Vertical millimetre by five space millimetre by zero point one dot circumference by zero point zero zero zero zero one.

Shortcuts in speech developed before anyone managed to act out the letters properly. It soon became:

Vert bu-five spe-zero pu-one circ zero pu-four one.

Failure got her to look for the insides of the object of each word.

Found in her flat surrounded by the torn apart parts of everything she owned, when asked about her progress she looked blankly with frantic hands and said “I’m too busy to respond.”