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He arrived twenty-five minutes early. Thoughtful of collapsed time lost between seas, he grasped it with his arrival "Welcome sir." He was greeted on entry. "Now please choose: 'chew' or 'swallow.' " He chose to chew. "That is unfortunate," the greeter responded. "We need elegance in the blood. You chose to chew, a cow would chew, headlined by their cumbersome selves. We need refinement, lean." He snapped in response, "Chewing is infinite, to swallow is temporal, and disposable! My choice is an action, an event! How can you call it unfortunate?" The greeter responded, "I am sorry sir. We appreciate your time." He left, thinking about what he was thanked for. No time was used, the greeter’s ill choice landed nowhere. He skipped his way into a wilful void, keeping gum and keeping grins, between his chews.