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Gone Well

Surrounded by stuff and demands, today he figured out how he was going to get out of his home building.
He forged all the appropriate documents. They were so well made, they now projected the living. He had to invent someone to kick against. What was at first a necessary step was now the thing that thrilled him. He had total control over his irritant.

The glory of cheating.

Even inside his invention he could make cheating an acceptable way of being. He simply shifted his guts to a fictional soon to be true space.

A construct.
A control.

His plan to be antagonised by his creation couldn’t have gone more perfectly. The letters and faxes were timed to create a series of events that worsened one another. The worsenings were brutal enough to get him out the front door.
He grew a boundless need to thank his creation whom he grew to like
and consider inviting next time he has to get in.